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Cutting Gas Tank Equipment




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1. Introduction to the equipment

1. Automobile brake shoe semi-automatic single-rib shoe rolling welding machine is an ideal special welding equipment designed and manufactured by Ningbo Yongying Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. for automobile brake manufacturers according to the welding technical requirements of shoes;
2. The equipment has a wide range of applications, suitable for welding single rib and double rib stamping parts of automobile brake shoes. The operation setting is controlled by touch screen digital input, which is simple and convenient to operate;
3. Equipment accessories (panel material rack, conductive box, drive motor, clamping mold, pressurized welding cylinder) are all made of world-famous brand products, and equipped with high-precision planetary reduction device, which can improve the positioning accuracy of the shoe;
4. The equipment adopts single-chip microcomputer as the main control unit, the circuit is simple, highly integrated and intelligent, which reduces the failure rate and is convenient for maintenance and maintenance;
5. Communication and BCD code control function department external industrial computer, PLC and other control equipment, to achieve remote control automatic management, improve work efficiency, can store 16 welding specifications for users to call pre-set;
6. The use of medium frequency controller, small impact on the power grid, stable current, fast and accurate current regulation, which is unreachable by ordinary power frequency welding machine.


Second, the characteristics of the equipment

1. The equipment has the advantages of high control accuracy, stable output current, small inductive reactance influence, light weight of welding transformer and less splash;
2. The equipment has single/continuous spot welding function, continuous cycle to perform multi-specification welding, welding joints at different positions of the same workpiece, the problem of using different processes, eliminating the tedious work of manually switching welding specifications;
3. The equipment has a counting function to count the number of welding, which can easily understand the output of the shift, greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the shift handover time;
4. Energy-saving three-phase current input, high working frequency, small transformer loss, significant energy-saving effect, preheating current, welding current and tempering current can be set, effectively solving the problem of splashing generated during welding and workpiece quenching after welding, three discharge pulses can be set separately and used separately or in any combination;
5. The conductive box adopts end-faced silver sheet conduction, and is equipped with regular automatic refueling system to improve the maintenance cycle of the equipment;
6. The mold clamping adopts hydraulic clamping system, which can improve the clamping degree and ensure that the rib plate will not be burned during the welding process;
7. The pressurized welding cylinder adopts Taiwan Jiuyi wear-resistant sealing ring, double-stage pressurized system, this structure can increase the stability of welding and improve the durability of the welding cylinder;
8. The panel material rack adopts hand-cranked structure, this structure greatly shortens the adjustment time, the panel push jaw adopts alloy copper vacuum quenching, the panel pushing mechanism adopts Taiwan AirTAC SC type cylinder, the pushing distance and position can be adjusted arbitrarily, enhance the available range, there is a panel detection device in the feeding terminal, when there is no material, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm;

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    • Commodity name: Cutting Gas Tank Equipment
    • Commodity ID: B-017

    Device Introduction:

    A used gas tank is laser cut in half. The equipment is simple and efficient, reducing labor costs and replacing the old manual cutting process.

Device Introduction:

A used gas tank is laser cut in half. The equipment is simple and efficient, reducing labor costs and replacing the old manual cutting process.

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