Talking about the use of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine!



The connection method of carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine varies according to different units, but the general connection procedure is roughly the same.

Connect the welding cable: the "+" end of the welding power supply is connected to the contact tip with a welding cable, and the "-" end of the welding power supply is reliably connected to the weldment with a welding cable; According to the capacity of different models, the rubber flexible cable of the specified size is selected, and the size of the cross-sectional size can be calculated according to the current density of 5A/mm².

The control cable connecting the wire feeder should reliably insert the multi-conductor plug of the control cable into the socket on the wire feeder and lock it.

The gas inlet and outlet of the carbon dioxide gas pressure reducing valve, flow meter pressure reducing valve and flow meter shall not be oily and dusty; The mounting nuts for the pressure reducing valve and flow meter should be tightened.

Connect the gas pipe between the outlet of the gas pipe flowmeter and the wire feeder, and the gas pipe between the wire feeder and the welding torch, you can use the nut and the pipe thread connection to tighten, or you can insert the connecting copper pipe into the gas pipe and tighten it with metal wire.

Connect the CO2 gas shielded welder, and the power cord on the CO2 gas heater circuit preheater is connected to the terminal post on the sidewall of the welding power supply (AC power supply below 36V must be used).

Connect the cooling water pipe (using an air-cooled welding torch without this step) Connect the water supply pipe and drainage pipe connected to the welding torch with the circulating water device and tie it tightly.

Connection of wire feeder and welding torch: control cable plugs, welding cables and gas pipes (water pipes) should be reliably connected at their respective interfaces; Install the wire feed spring hose, the hose aperture should be compatible with the diameter of the welding wire.

Connect the power cable: Before connecting the power cable, you must confirm that the switchboard switch has been cut; The cross-sectional size of the power cable should comply with the regulations; The connection of the power cable to the switchboard and the welded power input should be screwed securely for reliable conduction.